Nicolette Smith
End of life Doula Completed course: 2016 Other modalities of practice: Art therapy and Reiki Languages spoken: English
I decided to become and End of Life Doula after my own personal experiences of death, grief and loss highlighted to me the difference that informed choice, support and compassionate care can make to the death experience and the grief process. It was from this place that I was moved to create a space of support and care for others. I have been presenting Community Education seminars on End of Life topics for over 6 years and have been an End of Life Doula for nearly 2 years. The most rewarding part of the job is seeing that the support and care I have given has created a positive outcome in what can be a very traumatic and overwhelming place for people. I would describe myself as having a soft and calm demenor which is gentle, compassionate and grounded. I am intuitive, perceptive and sensitive to what others are experiencing. I also love a good laugh. I chose to study with Preparing the Way because I had been seeking a course for a few years and had unsuccessfully attempted other courses by correspondence. When I saw the Preparing the Way course I was excited by the content and the Australian Context.
White Gum Valley