Rebecca Grinblat
End of life Doula Completed course: February 2017 Other modalities of practice: Counselling
I have been working with people in a number of ways throughout my working life so far. I previously qualified as an Historian and always had a keen interest in Oral Testimony. I was lucky enough to take part in a world-wide project started by Steven Spielberg, interviewing people about their experiences of the Holocaust (WWII). Their testimonies were recorded on video and are now available digitally in a number of institutions all around the world. I am a counsellor and have worked with people (mostly female - identifying people) on a range of issues. I love working with people and facilitating discussion that needs to happen but which they may be uncomfortable or unable to do do on their own. The EOL Doula work gives me the opportunity to work with people who are facing an often - uncomfortable set of issues, and hopefully, enable them to face death (their own or other people's) with some peace of mind. I have never been with anyone at their point of death but I have experienced the loss of friends and relatives, and have been around others in their times of grief too.