Teresa Melody
End Of Life Doula Completed course: March 2016 Other Modalities: Therapeutic massage, Aromatherapy, Healing Touch and Prana I decided to become a doula through my own experience of loss and what it was like to have friends and strangers to support me through my bereavement. When my neighbour was dying I supported her Husband as he nursed her thought a long illness, it was he who encouraged me to walk this path. I feel that I have been equiped by my personal experiences throughout life and Preparing The Way training to provide a beautiful and honouring service. I am a person with a lot of books which reflect an artistic, caring and spiritual being who seeks wisdom, is grateful and very blessed. The ADC is not your regular training facility....when entering I immediately  felt at home. It is a place where wisdom is shared and support freely given.
Port Macquarie