Further Education

Once you have completed birth and post natal doula training with us, or with another training organisation, you may consider continuing your personal and professional development and join us in our Master Classes.

Our Master Classes are now open to Midwives and the following Master Classes are recognised as Continuing Professional Development by The Australian College of Midwives:

  • When a Baby Dies: A workshop for Midwives
  • Natural Therapies for Labour and Birth

There are a variety of workshops, short courses and groups held throughout the year on all kinds of subjects including but not limited to:

  • When a baby dies/ Loss and grief
  • VBAC
  • Post Natal Doula
  • Self Discovery and Awareness
  • Natural Therapies for Doulas

Upcoming Master Classes


When a baby dies – A workshop for Midwives 

Presented by Libby Moloney & Renee Adair

This workshop will be an informative, practical safe space to assist you to best support women & their partners when their baby dies.

  • Debunk the myths & discover what is possible
  • Care of the baby’s body & how to use a Cuddle Cot
  • Preparing parents to take their baby home
  • End of life planning for babies
  • Autopsy or medical investigation
  • Funeral choices and responsibilities
  • Religion, faith and spirituality
  • What is loss and grief and how can you respond
  • What comes up for you and how to manage while on shift.
  • Self care……Debriefing
  • What is compassion?
  • What does holding the space mean?
  • Your language can change everything.

Melbourne:  June 20th   9am-5pm

Sydney: July 6th  9am-5pm


For bookings and more details head over to www.midwives.org.au  or call 02 9281 9522.