The Doula Heart Network

The Doula Heart Network (DHN) started in 2004 and was created after the College founder, Renee Adair had worked in a young women’s refuge for over three years, for the Australian Red Cross.

“I loved working in this area and was exposed to so many marginalized and traumatized mothers or mothers to be, that I wanted to do something after I left the Red Cross. As a Doula and Childbirth and Parenting Educator already offering services the creation of the charity arm came naturally. I have always been drawn to helping people in general no matter what their circumstances. Its awesome to be able to provide all of our services free of charge along with lots of love and support thorugh anyone of lifes many transistions.” Renee Adair

The DHN believes that noone  should ever birth or die alone, and noone should ever be judged or receive any less care because of their race, colour, religion, age or personal situation. 
The Doula Heart Network runs along side The Australian Doula College and is warmly supported by our students and members and not only provides support, information and education but also a variety of other services, including but not limited too transport, attending appointments with clients, supplying baby clothes and toys and supporting extended family during times of need.

The DHN encourages the words of love and non-judgment for anyone seeking and needing support at the first or last breath and any transition inbetween.

In 2016 Emma Arran visited Australia as a part of her Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship, part of this was immersing herself in the work of the Doula Heart Network. Emma collaborated with Shealan Faere to create a short film on Peer-Based Support for Socially Marginalised Pregnant Women. You can watch ‘Take Her Hand’ by clicking here.


Please call us for more information or to donate 02 8036 5580