The Australian Doula College Scholarship Program

The Australian Doula College is proud to be offering two scholarships annually for anyone who may find them selves unable to afford a full fee for our birth/post natal Doula training. Either in the face-to-face or online format.

The scholarships are to the value of $1500.00 each and are in honour of two inspiring, trailblazing women that touched the heart of our founder Renee Adair.

Applications for either one of our 2020 Scholarships are open from 9am September 1st – 5pm 1st November 2019. Late applications will not be accepted. Applicants will be informed of the outcomes by Mid-December.

Applications are reviewed by the ADC Director, the ADC team and advisors and all decisions are final.

To apply, we ask that you contact the Mothership at the College and request an application form and one will be emailed to you.


Phone: 02 8036 5580

We look forward to hearing from you.


Sarah Buck Annual Scholarship

Sarah was born in July 1972 and was a devoted mother of three divine children when she died, way before her time in October 2006.

Renee, our College founder and Sarah were two peas in a pod as they studied together to become doulas and childbirth and parenting educators with Marie Burrows.

Renee and Sarah were thick as thieves and had a lot in common and shared years of love, laughter, tears, challenges and joys.

It is with a great deal of love and respect for Sarah and her family that we honour her by offering this great Scholarship opportunity.

“My mother was a pillar of strength, warmth and intuition. She was also the very meaning of crude, silly and raucously hilarious. Her passion for birthing, the woman and the relationship between mother and child was second only to her children themselves. Renee, or Aunty Nae as we call her, was one of my mum’s soul sisters. She would be beyond honoured to have a scholarship named after her that was about the very thing she loved with all her soul, put together by one of the people she loved most with her soul. With this gift, I hope the recipient takes a piece of my mum’s memory with them and kicks some serious ass. She’s cheering for you and so am I. I am woman hear me roar”

Ashley-June (Sarah’s daughter)


Marie Burrows Annual Scholarship

The breadth and depth of Marie Burrow’s experience and dedication to this work spans more than 40 years. Marie has an extraordinary amount of ‘hands on’ experience working with people across all walks of life in all kinds of life challenging situations.

Marie is the mother of two great women and devoted her lifetime to teaching pre/post-natal classes, supporting mothers and partners in labour as a well as being one of the first to offer training for Doulas and Childbirth and Parenting Educators in this Country.

She has conducted thousands of therapy sessions for individuals, partners and families and has been a senior facilitator for the Hoffman Process since 1990.

We call her the mother of all Doulas at the College and it is whom our founder Renee Adair and Sarah Buck trained with.

“Marie holds a very big space in my heart and the hearts of my children. It is because of her amazing work and unwavering support, care and love of my myself and my children over the years that has given me the courage to launch the College and continue this work. For that, her mentorship and friendship, I am forever grateful. I trust that the recipient of this scholarship will go on to a big bright future making a difference in the lives of others in Marie’s name.”

Renee Adair (Founder and Director ADC)