Childbirth and Early Parenting Training

Once you have completed doula training with us, you may consider expanding on your personal development and childbirth knowledge and wish to become a childbirth and early parenting educator.

Our Childbirth and Early Parenting Certificate allows you to teach and facilitate educational groups for parents and parents to be. You will gain technical knowledge on labour and birth, learn and understand group facilitation skills and how to hold a safe and nurturing space for your clients. We continue to expand on your own personal development and expect that you attend births and share these experiences within the group.

Courses start at varying times currently only in Sydney and Melbourne and run for a year. We follow the school terms. As well as weekly workbooks there are several assignments and projects to complete throughout the year. You must also be prepared to teach/assist with doula training as a part of this course. Due to the nature of the course, it is not available by correspondence and places are limited.

If you are interested about this course and wish to find out more please email or call the office on 02 80365580.