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Birth and Post Natal Doula Training

Doula training is possible throughout Australia and the world with the Australian Doula College.

The twenty modules that make up our comprehensive training can be delivered to you in a variety of ways. We currently run face to face classes in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. We cover many aspects of pregnancy, starting at conception, the mechanics of labour, feelings, possible fears and challenges for parents, homebirth, hospital policies and procedures, post natal issues, breastfeeding and postnatal doula-ring.

Our course becomes a journey for the doula and offers a holistic approach to pregnancy and birth and an opportunity for the doula to grow and understand how her life experiences and her beliefs can impact on the birthing woman and her partner.

We believe that it is essential to understand your own vulnerabilities and fears in order to be able to assist others though theirs. This is an intricate part of the course.

Our classes are kept small and intimate giving the trainees a safe space to share and get the most out of classes. Classes are informative, fun and set in a relaxed atmosphere. Information is provided though our weekly workbooks and most workbooks are accompanied by a relevant DVD and/or CD.

All of our facilitators and educators are doulas and all hold a Cert IV in Training and Assessment. Collectively, as doulas and educators we have over 100 years experience in birth and the post natal period. Our students are extremely well supported during the course and while undertaking their training births and have a trainer on call for them 24 hours, seven days a week.

If you have been thinking about becoming a doula then we would love to talk to you………..Our doula training is different to the others and we would be honoured for you to share your doula journey with us!

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Certificate IV in Doula Support Services 

The Australian Doula College delivers the only Government accredited training for birth and postnatal doulas in Australia. If you are a graduate of the ADC we offer recognition of prior learning for the units completed during your Doula Training with us.

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“I hear and I forget, I see and I remember,  I experience and  I understand”  –  Confucius  C450BC

The Australian Doula College’s Birth and Post Natal Doula Training is a 20 week program that is delivered in a variety of options.

To gain your certificate, doula trainees will need to complete the follow requirements:

  1. Complete pre-course information sheet and all assignments
  2. Complete all 20 modules of the training and course material
  3. Support at least 3 births/post natal work as a doula in training
  4. Develop a resources list for pregnant women and new parents
  5. Applied First Aid (formally, senior first aid)
  6. Demonstrate openness and ability to integrate knowledge and feelings

Our doula training will increase your knowledge of the natural process of birth, and the options offered to women both at home and in hospital. It will also improve your understanding of the needs of mother and baby.

You receive a log in to create your account in our elearning system. You can work from your laptop or tablet during class and then complete  various homework assignments at home. We recomend setting aside between 2-4 hours a wek for this.

Investment for our ADC certified doula training via correspondence is only $2,750.00

Investment for the ADC certified Doula Training face-to-face is $2,950.00

This includes all your course materials (except your three compulsory text books).

Refunds are only available if we have to cancel a course.

Class fees are only transferable before class starts and the course must be completed within a year of your start date. If you need to place your studies on hold, it is possible to do that for a period of three months if your request is received in writing.

Some of our Sydney graduates

End of Life Doula Training

The End of Life Doula Course is run by Hellen Callanan at Preparing The Way in collaboration with the Australian Doula College.

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The Sadhana of Birth

The Sahana of Birth is a Pregnancy yoga teacher and doula certification. It is a collaboration between Katie Manitsas, the founder and director of Everyday Sadhana and Renee Adair, the founder and director of the ADC.

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Ongoing support – YES! You can join our ADC Membership/Mentorship Program

At the Australian Doula College we strongly believe in the importance of ongoing support and education for our experienced doulas. It is equally as important for women and their families to know that their doula is updating her skills regularly and is a part of a trusted and supportive organisation.

This is a great way to remain supported and mentored while you are getting started and beyond.

It is possible to join our organisation once you have completed the ADC Doula training or the Preparing the Way one and four day workshops.

Our membership/mentorship program includes:

  1. On going access to the ADC on call phone
  2. Support from our office
  3. Your photo and bio on our website
  4. Client referrals
  5. An ADC membership doula/client agreement for your use
  6. Use of the ADC membership logo
  7.  Professional debriefing/supervision
    Your yearly investment for all this is only $165.00 (inc GST) and is a tax deduction for you

Please contact us for further information or to join our growing and caring Doula family.