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Chiara Berneschi has an innate depth of understanding and experience in wellness; crafting, natural preventative medicines, mentoring children, relational and communication regeneration. She holds womens circles and supporting births as a Doula. She has healed her body from menstrual issues such as PCOS and feels that its crucial to a woman's health to be connected and in tune with her body though the monthly cycle.  Her unwavering ability to hold ceremony and invite nature awareness practices into everyday life is a gift to be shared to those wanting to embody their potential and get back to their roots of creativity.

Chiara is passionate about Rites of Passage practices and feels called to support and hold space for women and men journeying through the passage of birth, so that their needs, rights and wishes are heard. So that they feel empowered in their choices and feel a sense of agency to how they bring their child into the world. 

Offering a level of support that guides you into the intrinsic nature of being human; woven in connection and support.

Chiara is a long time practicing musician, artist, dancer and yogi. She feels that creative process is a wonderful and powerful tool to support ourselves through any transition phase in life. She offers potent creative tools of embodiment and awareness for the growth and development of those in her care.

Chiara studied with the Australian Doula College in 2017, Australia's most comprehensive and accredited doula training. While also diving deep into nature based ceremonies such as Vision Quests and on-going study and initiations with mentors of the Southern Lipan-Apache lineage of Grandfather Stalking Wolf, she has devoted her life thus far to the study of self and healing ancestral lines of flesh and spirit as well as a mixture between Eastern, Western and Indigenous philosophies that enrich her open and non-judgemental approach to Doulaism. Chiara is also an initiated Reiki healer.

Chiara has also spent time respectfully with various Aboriginal Elders who have enriched her perspectives of culture, ceremony and country as well as learning how to work with energetic healing systems of the body. 

With great reverence and gratitude to the land in which Chiara was born onto she dedicates her work to bring nature based ceremonies back into the birth process. 

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