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Jan Charman




End of Life Doula

Completed training: 2017

"We cannot change the destination, but we can change the journey" words from a patients' husband.

As a nurse for over 20 years, the last 5 in palliative care, I see every day the struggle of patients, families and carers. I decided to become a doula when a patient of mine had talked about her end of life plan. She wanted to die at home with family and friends around her. I said she needed a Doula! She laughed and agreed. She was to be my first client. She had to go into a palliative care unit. She did not like it. She died there alone with no family or friends with her. The absolute opposite of everything she wanted. It is for her I do this work to try my best to give YOU the knowledge and support to enable you make the decisions and choices to have the end of life you CHOOSE.

When we learn that we have a life limiting, or terminal illness – there are any number of reactions.

Shock, frustration, anger, fear, dismay to name just a few.

As we travel through life, we plan a birth, a 21st, a wedding – how many of us plan our death?

So when we learn that it may be imminent we can be lost, out of our depth, bewildered. Be it ourselves,  a family ,member or close friend,  we have to face it.

As an End of Life Doula I will be your facilitator, your guide and your coach. I will walk along side you

Supporting and caring, holding space for you and with you. Together we will work without judgement, at your pace with support and guidance along the way.


End Of Life Doula

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