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Shanny Gordon

End Of Life Doula




Shanny’s interest in End of Life Doula work began when her father died in an aged care home after a long decline due to illness. Her experience during his last days helped her to see how sacred the end of life process can be if we allow it.


A few years later Shanny’s mother died very quickly, two months from diagnosis to death, within the hospital system. Although Shanny’s experience with her mother was loving and sacred, the system within which the process occurred was quite cold and sterile showing Shanny another side to the end of life transition.


Shanny is passionate about ensuring that more people experience the sacredness in life’s transitions – and the end of life transition is such an important one that is often overlooked, avoided or ignored.


Shanny has a background in community development and is passionate about information and education being accessible to everyone. She is a reiki practitioner and teacher, a holistic healer, meditation facilitator and a yoga teacher. Shanny has over 20 years’ experience practising reiki, yoga and meditation.


Shanny focuses primarily on providing spiritual and emotional support during the end of life process, whilst also supporting people to have access to practical support as required.


Shanny is based on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.


End Of Life Doula

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