ADC and POW in the Media

Doulas are filling the gap where postnatal care is lacking during the ‘fourth trimester.’ Wiriya Sati spoke with Renee Adair, new mothers and doulas about the important role of support in the post natal periodClick here to read the article. 

Megan Markle is having a doula and everyone wants to know what a doula is! Stampsy and Jamie from Melbourne’s K Rock 95.5 had a chat to our founder and director, Renee Adair, to find out what it’s all about.  Click here to listen to the interview.

Death doulas: Providing comfort for those nearing the end of their lives, A recent article by Lee Umbers for NZ Herald. Click here to read the article.

Birth as a Rite of Passage, Birth Doulas and Remembering Who We Are, Renee Adair’s recent interview for Reconnected.Me Podcast with Lucy Lichtenstein. Click here to listen. 

What is a Doula? Renee Adair’s interview with Rev. Crews on the topic of End of Life Doulas. Click here to listen.

Talking About Death, The Project on Channel Ten talks about End of Life Doulas with our Helen Callanan (Preparing the Way) . Click here to watch.

Doula, an interview with PureCalma, Renee gives insight on Doula support and the Australian Doula College. Click here to read this article.

What does a doula do? ABC Radio interviewer Sarah Mcdonald talking to Renee Adair and Laura Penning about a doula’s role. Click here to listen.

6 ways to reduce perineal tearing during birth, by Joanna Bounds for “Kidspot NZ.” Renee Adair and the Australian College of Midwives talk about ways to reduce tearing. Click here to read this article.

The VBAC is Back, article by Jodie Thomson from “The Child.” Click here to read the article. 

Inside the World of Human Placentophagia, article by Jackie Dent for The Sydney Morning Herald’s “Daily Life” featuring Renee Adair, Dr Andrew Bisits and others. Click here to read this article. 

Australian Doula College. An interview with Renee Adair for Birth Matters. Click here to read this article. 


Interview with Renee Adair for Cosmo Pregnancy.

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