Preparing for Birth

We believe that it is very important to prepare for the arrival of your baby. Whether it is your first or fourth……..All pregnancies and births are different.

At the ADC we offer childbirth and early parenting classes and workshops to assist with the preparation for birth and the transition into parenthood. We can also present the same information in sessions either in your home or here at the centre and we can tailor make them to suit your needs and requirements.

We can also work with siblings of all ages to include them in the process and journey. We provide you the information and support you need, to help prepare them for the arrival of the new family addition.

Of course we also encourage the support of a doula and it is usual practice for our doulas to meet with you at least twice before the birth.

It is during these pre birth meetings that your doula will get to know you and your partner. She will get to know your wishes and birth preferences and will get a clear understanding of your needs and assist in helping you with your options and support you in devising a birth plan or preference list.

We also have a range of practitioners who can assist you to physically prepare for the labour and birth through massage, herbs, nutritional information, acupuncture and aromatherapy for example.

When the time comes for you to have your baby we want you to feel supported in your decisions and have confidence in your abilities.