‘My doula was amazing, she was my rock!’

I have to tell you about how wonderful I think Sonia is. As you will remember she was my doula. My partner and I attended the classes also, which we found great.My beautiful little boy was born after an eight hour complication-free labour which was definitely helped by the support and love I felt from my birth support people. My waters broke at 8am while I was lying in bed so I rang Sonia and we waited a bit. The first contraction came pretty soon after that, about half an hour or so, and from then it was ALL ON, full steam ahead, contractions only a minute apart.My doula was amazing, she was my rock! She supported us both and worked her butt off. We were all a great team. My son was an expert at being born, the little darling. Thanks to such a great support and such a clever baby I only had the gas and ended up with no stitches.When I think back to that day it is definitely one of the most amazing and happy days of my life and I know that is due to having such a great support plus my partner and I educating ourselves about the whole process. I know it wouldn't have been as successful without Sonia there and without the classes.I can hardly even remember the hospital staff and midwifes as I had my own little bubble of safety, reassurance and protection from anything strange or scary. It really was a powerful and lovely experience for me.Thank you so much, I am so grateful for the day I rang you and inquired about a doula.