‘Thanks again to the college and to Etta for such a wonderful birth experience.’

I wanted to thank you for teaming me up with a wonderful doula, Etta, for the birth of our second daughter Amelia. On our first meeting we immediately felt relaxed with her, and new she would make a great birthing partner for our family. Practising hypno-birthing in a couple of sessions with her before the birth gave me the confidence to fully use my hypno-birthing potential, which I was keen to do. Etta was so warm and connected before, during and after the birth, and made me, my husband and my eldest daughter feel at ease. She arrived at the birth centre about 10 minutes after I did, and I immediately felt relaxed. The birth went smoothly, she encouraged and soothed me, and always seemed to have a great suggestion at the right time. We now continue to keep up with Etta regularly as a massage therapist, which has worked out well for us well.