“Thanks to Stacey, I have beautiful memories of the day my son was born”.

I am so glad I made the decision to have a doula at my second birth and I'm so lucky to have found Stacey. I knew I wanted support at the birth bit I didn't how important it would be having Stacey to call to chat about concerns and fears leading up to the birth.Each time I spoke to her i was calm again, her advise was clever, like she had figured me out and knew the right things to say to a person like me. I was Stacey's first client but she is a natural! During labour Stacey was tactfully in the background while my husband and I focused on handling my contractions. Her input and suggestions were useful, yet subtle. Towards the end of the labour when I was exhausted and desperate, she know what to say.Every thing about her presence was honest and prefect for creating an atmosphere of trust. Stacey was the one person who stayed with us throughout the entire labour while midwives changed shifts. After my first baby I knew that the atmosphere in the birthing room would remain in my memory after the details had faded. Thanks to Stacey, I have beautiful memories of the day my son was born.