‘There were no negative aspects of having a doula present’

Although we were very aware that the birth of our children could have unfolded in 100 different ways (possibly out of our control) we believed strongly in the power of the human body and wanted to have someone present at birth that shared our beliefs and understood our own specific and personal goals, but importantly that would support the 100%. We felt doctors often had protocols and procedures to adhere to so when we talked about who that person should be, our research led us to a doula.She was exactly that. 100% supportive of our own beliefs and ideas (even though they may not have been hers) Not judgmental. Calm, reassuring, focused and completely aware of our options at every intersection. Furthermore she was able to absorb information from a variety of sources (midwives, medical stats, experience, me and my husband) and continually (but very calmly and discrete) ensure the whole experience reflected our goals and beliefs.There were no negative aspects of having a doula present.For my husband our doula was able to work with him as a team to make judgment calls on my behalf with my best interests in mind (and the babies) and fully support and reassure each other that the path we were taking was perfect.I used 2 different ADC doulas for 2 VERY different birth experiences but both were absolutely perfect and our wonderful doulas are heavily responsible! Birth rocks!