‘We will always remember your wisdom and confidence in us….’

We wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to Tarsha for all your love, assistance and support as our doula over the past 9+ months. What an amazing journey it has been and it was made even more magical by you. We knew we made the right decision deciding to have you as our doula, what we didn't realise was how much of a right decision that was. Your support through the entire pregnancy, labour and birth was invaluable.From our first 'meetings' we felt very comfortable with you as we all got to know each other, we felt as though we had a valuable (and very knowledgeable) family member with us. Whenever we had questions, we appreciate the fact that you guided us in the right direction to find the answers and make our own decisions. Every decision we made you supported and at no stage did you impose any views of your own upon us. You spoiled us with massages through your pregnancy, which also helped tremendously through labour. During labour you were a pillar of strength for all of us. You understood us, knew our birth plan along with our midwife we all made a great team. When decisions needed to be made you created a sacred space for Dale and I to talk and come to terms with what needed to be done. We will always remember your wisdom your confidence in us, and never ending support."You can do this" is embedded in our memories forever.THANK YOU