When you go into Labour

When you get your first signs of labour or feel there has been a change of any kind it is important to call your doula as a pre notification.

Your doula can clarify what is happening for you so you can continue as you are, or she will come and support you. There are times when your doula will be able to check in on you during early or pre labour, as it is known, and then go again and return when you need her next.

Once you feel the need for extra support to meet any new challenges your doula remains with you and your partner.

Your doula will labour with you at home as long as you feel comfortable, stay with you there if you are having a homebirth or move to the hospital with you if that is where you have  chosen to have your baby.

You doula remains with you until you have feed your baby and are comfortable or until you don’t need her any more.